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Wedding Albums | Sydney Wedding Photographer

Nearly all my couples buy a digital collection – a memory stick with all their photographs in digital format. And with a digital collection you can post your photos on Facebook, share them with distant friends and relatives, and, in theory at least, preserve them for eternity through backup and cloud storage.

But let me ask you – where are all your digital images now? Are they organised? Are they backed up in case of a hard disk crash? Can you find them at a moment’s notice? And all those photos on Facebook? Most people forget about them within a couple of weeks. The internet can be an ephemeral place.

So when a couple decides to buy a Fine Art Wedding Album as well as a digital collection, a little part of me is thankful. It’s not about the extra money. There’s so much work required to design and print an album that I’d be better off not selling them at all. It’s about ensuring my couples have something tangible to remember their wedding – a beautiful portfolio of fine art photographs they can hold in their hands and that together tell a story about that very important day.

Our Fine Art Wedding Albums are custom-designed and made to last several lifetimes. They feature fine art paper, museum quality printing with archival inks and true lay flat binding. We can also provide smaller versions for mum and dad.

When deciding on your wedding photography, think about buying a Fine Art Wedding Album. If not immediately, then maybe as a first anniversary present to each other. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.



Hanne Rishovd11 February 2014 - 7:18 am

Just beautiful david!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂