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My sister married a man who shares her name. So I wasn’t too phased when about a year ago Alex and Alex got in contact from the other side of the world to ask me about photographing their wedding. When the big day came, the rain threatened but held off just enough for them to wed outside under the large fig tree in front of Dunbar House.

It’s taken me a while to put this post together, largely because I couldn’t find the words to complement the pictures. But then the amazing Jessie Cacchillo, the celebrant who made Alex and Alex whole under the fig tree, generously agreed to share her words with me. Here is just a snippet.

They balance each other well – both knows when the other’s feeling out of sorts, and steps up to lift their mood. They’re both hard-working, but still like to have fun and adventure, good food and lots of outdoor sports. Laughter is one of the definers of their relationship – It’s not uncommon for them to laugh themselves to sleep. Autonomy is important too – the freedom to do things on their own when they need it. And learning not to sweat the small stuff is paramount.

They have so many good memories – just being at home, enjoying a home-cooked meal; camping in their tiny two-man tent in the pouring rain. Hiking volcanoes in Guatemala and toasting marshmallows in the lava; diving with sharks in Belize; husky sledding at the Northern Lights in the arctic circle. Cycling tandem between wine tastings amongst the vineyards in Argentina. Punting on the river in Cambridge. And back in London, wondering what on earth they’d done, buying their first flat – a renovator’s delight.

Their engagement is one of their favourite memories. It happened in Seville last March, nearly eight years into the relationship when they were living in London, taking off to Spain on an Easter holiday. Of course, Alexander’s proposal was met with a flood of tears and an instant “yes” and also to the cheers of the restaurant they were dining at.

The engagement ring is an heirloom, inherited by Alexander and believed to be first presented to a bride-to-be in 1914, 100 years ago, it was just perfect according to Alexandra – a beautiful antique full of family history.

Getting married is their honest commitment to being together forever, celebrated with family and friends. Or as Alexander puts it “shouting to all who will listen that this is the girl I want to grow old with”. It’s a statement of intent that they’ll always make an effort for each other and pursue their dreams together, including starting a family of their own.

Alex and Alex thank you all for being here today, for travelling far and wide to share in the joy of their wedding. They both feel so honoured to have you witness the start of this amazing adventure together, helping shape this new chapter they’re writing now – as official husband and wife.




Venue: Dunbar House
Celebrant: Jessie Cacchillo
Music: Jasmine Strings
DJ and Band: Scotty Sax


Jack Chauvel1 April 2014 - 1:00 am

Lovely work mate.

Jessie Cacchillo - Marriage Celebrant1 April 2014 - 9:20 am

Thanks so much Dave, just gorgeous. You are a pleasure x

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