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Leanne + Pat | Grace Hotel | 1920s Wedding | Sydney Wedding Photographer

What makes a great wedding? The right dress? Good food? Funny speeches? Everyone has their own criteria. For a photographer, it’s always nice to have interesting locations, a beautiful couple and great light. They at least make the job easier. And on Saturday I was blessed with all three. But none of them is essential. […]

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john benavente26 April 2012 - 12:27 am

nailed it bro!, well done 🙂

Leanne + Pat. A Preview.

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Patrick turns Nine

I first met my nephew Patrick nine years ago. It was at the Prince of Wales Hospital and he was two days old. It was two months before the birth of my first child and the experience felt a little like a premonition of my near future. I turned up at the hospital with a […]

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